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LYRICS - How to Feel

How to Feel

by Charity Kahn


I used to sing about love and light and all the

wisdom just waiting above below and in our hearts

there was hope then

for a future

bright as the blazing sun


we could see tomorrow in our calendars

and our best laid plans and in our moving on

and most of all in our children

the bearers of our love


but now

I don’t know how to feel

oh I don’t know how to feel


looking into your eyes searching for a clue

as to how you survive

with the knowledge that your planet is dying

people violently prying

the last bit of life out of her


what does it mean to grow up into this

insane little world, just a pissing contest

all the killing and lying, stealing, denying

only hastening the end


my child,

I don’t know how you feel

oh I don’t know how you feel

oh I brought you into this world 

and I showed you the wonders of life

and I listened to your deepest truths

and I held onto you when you cried

and I gave you all my love

but will that be enough


we say go forth and we hug 'em tight

and send ‘em off unarmed into the dark night

with only the seeds of sorrow and kindness

to sow as they find their way


my mama heart lies shattered

underneath the weight of the loss

of all that mattered

and I channel the mothers

of ages of places

who cannot stop this war


oh I know how you feel

oh I know how you feel

copyright 2018 Charity Kahn

appears on the album "Brokedown Palace"

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