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LYRICS - O People

O People

by Charity Kahn

o people

a new day is risin’

o people

our power is alignin’

o people

look around see your friends

o people

together ‘til the end

we are wieldin’

the blade of compassion

we slice through delusion

making way for the wisdom

we trust in our anger

to guide us into action

dancing in the ring of fire

we live in our passion

we live our passion


o people

o people

o people

o people



we are stillness in motion

we’re the non-dual potion

we dream and we harvest

for the good of the collective 

we gather up the fine bones

we abandoned long ago

and now we sing the life in

so we can laugh and run again

so we can truly live again

we are unafraid and naked

standing in our power

claiming our seat

in this urgent hour

the world needs our wisdom

the world needs our compassion

the world needs our vision

and our deepest creation

our deepest creation


o people

o people

o people

o people



so where is the most joy

where is the highest good

where is the sweet spot

the dignity you never lost

nothing can malign it

harm or undermine it

it is indestructible

and you are invincible

we are invincible

we are invincible!


o people

beloved community

o people

that’s the way it oughtta be

o people

that’s the way it’s gotta be

o people

if we’re ever gonna be free

o people

bring it on, bring it on

o people

beloved community

o people

what this world could truly be

o people

copyright 2018 Charity Kahn

appears on the album "Brokedown Palace"

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