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The Invisible Bee is Born

The Invisible Bee is a musical project created by Charity Kahn and Daryn Roven, with some awesome friends helping out along the way.

We are making this music as a response to the mess we find ourselves in as human beings in the 21st century. It speaks to the broken and the divine within all of us, and within our world.

We are living in unprecedented times, faced with climate chaos, biological annihilation, deep political unrest, and many forms of violence against humans, animals, and our ecosystems.

Our wish is that this music touches on the grief inherent in these human experiences, wakes us up to the truth of our inter-being and impermanence, and inspires us to act and serve from a place of love.

Why The Invisible Bee?

The bee is an indicator species. Bees are dying all over the world in record numbers, due to climate change and pesticides. If bees don't survive, humans won't survive. It's that simple.

Bees are invisible in the face of our denial and delusion, which we cling to in order to continue on with life as is, business as usual. Bees are among the many species (200 of which go extinct every single day) that we refuse to see and acknowledge as integral parts of our ecosystems, our world, our home, our survival.

Bees are amazing creatures. They dance in order to communicate. They work in intense collaboration to provide for each other's needs. This all happens invisibly, quietly, under the radar. They transform ecosystems and provide food for the billions of creatures on the planet. Without thanks, and without attachment to outcome.

So, The Invisible Bee is a symbol both of what we are potentially losing if we stay blind, and what we stand to gain if we can wake up to the realities of our time, learn to work together for the greater good, and put in the effort it takes toward positive change, whether or not we have a guarantee that we can actually manifest it.

See the bee. Be the bee.

Have a look around the site to learn more. We hope to connect with you!

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